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Welcome to the Catholic Commons Shared Files Wiki
Free online resources to support Catholic identity
St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus.

Catholic Commons Shared Files is a wiki website with photographs and other media files related to Catholic identity that are licensed to allow reuse on other websites and in off-line publications. The concept for this site is similar to the Wikimedia Commons, a free media repository for Wikipedia and other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. This site uses the software on which Wikipedia is based, which allows anyone to add photographs and other digital media related to Catholic identity. The primary reason for having a shared files wiki for images and other files related to projects of Catholic Commons is to prevent duplication of photographs and similar content across the English language Catholic Commons site and future wikis sponsored by Catholic Commons.

The content on the site is licensed with a Creative Commons license. This license allows reuse of content without requesting permission or paying royalties, provided the person or organization reusing the content complies with the terms of the original license as specified by the contributor of the content. These licensing requirements are generally attribution and keeping the content licensed under the original license. Potential outlets for the photographs and other content on this site include other websites, PowerPoint presentations, academic papers or publications, student reports, and church bulletins, reports, flyers, or announcements.

About Catholic Commons

Catholic Commons is a lay-led initiative that has the goal of developing a community of people who work collaboratively with the worldwide Catholic Church to develop free online resources to support Catholic and Jesuit identity. Potential users of Catholic Commons projects include students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of Catholic institutions as well as people interested in Catholicism in general or Ignatian spirituality in particular. The initial focus of this initiative was on Jesuit institutions in the United States which includes approximately 28 colleges and universities, 49 secondary schools, 78 parishes, and 35 retreat centers. By early 2008 the scope had grown to include content on Jesuit institutions outside of the United States, institutions based on Ignatian spirituality that are not sponsored by the Jesuits, and development of wikis in languages other than English. In February 2016 the scope of the site was expanded to include all Roman Catholic schools, parishes, and institutions worldwide and the site was renamed Catholic Commons.